Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sisters at War - sequel to Sibling Rivals

I wrote Sibling Rivals in April last year (2012) shortly after the publication of Waterlines 3.  I wasn't quite sure how long it was going to be - once I had the characters in my mind, I let them take over.  Or rather, I let my muse hold them on a light rein.  I'd always thought that the story had more potential; I didn't want Gavin to march round to Valerie's house and tell her it was all over.  She's too nice a girl to be treated that way.

So I wrote Sisters at War slowly during December - I had to look back at my diary to check when the muse first delivered the germ of the story to me.  It's a lot longer than Sibling Rivals - it runs on to more than 11,500 words and I was beginning to wonder when it would come to a stop.  Dare I say... there's the possibility of a follow-on, but that's in the hands of my muse: now that Sophie's finished Tony, she'll be pestering Gavin again soon... she knows where he lives....

Anyway, here's the blurb:

After a brief fling with Sophie, Gavin had an affair with her sister Valerie.  Although he enjoyed the physical aspects of their relationship, the two girls were always at loggerheads with each other, and Gavin was tiring of the situation.  He wanted to finish with Val, but she persuaded him that they had a future together, and invited him to lunch at her home with Sophie and her new boyfriend.  However, the obnoxious, sex-hungry Sophie had designs for the afternoon - designs which backfired in a spectacular way.  How could Val - meek and placid but not without her own sexual charms which attracted Gavin - escape from her sister and still keep her man?  And how could Gavin get the message across to Sophie that she should get out of his life forever?


     I can’t remember how we got round to talking about it, but the subject of conversation drifted round towards group sex.
     “Have you ever had more than one woman in a bed?” Sophie asked Tony.
     He paused before replying.  Drink was beginning to affect them all.  Except me.  “No,” he answered.  “You know me.  One at a time is enough.  I couldn’t cope with more.”
     “I’m with Tony there,” I grinned.  “Ladies are so demanding, and I don’t like to disappoint them.  That’s why I wouldn’t try overreaching myself.”
     All eyes turned to Val.  “Don’t look at me,” she laughed.  “I’ve never got involved in that scene.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been there,” she added, looking at Sophie.
     “I’ve tried it once,” she admitted.  “And it was a bit like sex the first time: I felt a bit let down, but eager to give it a second chance.”
     “Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” her sister asked.
     “A foursome, you mean?  Why not?  You’ve got Gavin, and I have Tony.  We’ve had enough drink to feel free with ourselves, haven’t we?  And I won’t fuck your man if you don’t fuck mine.  I’m sure you have room in your bed for all of us.”
     Soon Tony yawned.
     “Had a late night last night?” I asked.  “Sophie kept you busy?”
     “No.  I went to bed early.  And alone,” he replied.  “I feel so tired.  And I don’t know why.”
     I had my own suspicions.  I looked at Sophie; she cast a worried glance at Tony.
     “Come on,” she said.  “Let’s get the plates cleared away.  Then we can have some fun.  Tony and Gavin, you can get into the bedroom and start undressing.”
     Val and I caught each other’s eyes.  .... Tony and Sophie didn’t seem to notice us.
     “Do as she says, Gavin.  For me.  I’m feeling horny.  I’m not bothered about the other two being in there with us.”
     I went into the bedroom and began undressing.  Tony was in there already, half-undressed and sprawled across the bed.  “Still feeling tired?” I chuckled.
     There was no reply.
     I went up to him.  He was fast asleep, breathing softly
     The girls were laughing in the kitchen; the noise of the dishwasher reached my ears, and then Sophie came into the bedroom and stared at Tony lying on the bed.
     “Relax.  It’s not a corpse,” I joked.  “He seems to have fallen asleep.  He’s out cold.”
     Sophie thought for a moment, and then beamed.  “Just what I’ve always wanted!  A comatose guy entirely at my mercy!  I want to see if I can jerk him off!”


I hope you enjoy it.

Whilst I'm writing here, I must tell you that I noticed yesterday that Apple don't seem to list three of my titles on my sales page.  I believe they may be unhappy about the cover on the first Waterlines, but I can change that, although I don't know if there's a problem with the others which aren't offered for sale on Apple (Waterlines 6 and 9).  More news here when I get the answers.


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