Thursday, 25 April 2013

Illusions : a short story of an erotic dream and its aftermath

Hello again!

     My latest title, a 10,400 word piece, is a slight departure from the genre in which I have been writing recently - namely, watersports and golden showers.  Illusions still contains elements of this, but I wanted to experiment with futanari or futa (or, as some say, dickgirl).  Alan, the hero in this story, has an erotic dream where he is sleeping in a college and needs to take a leak in the men's room.  He is joined by a girl whom he met the previous day, and - in the dream - she has a fully-functioning penis.  And testicles too.  When he sees her standing next to him, using the urinal, his libido goes wild and... well, you'll have to read the story.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

     Here's the blurb:

     Alan and Fran meet at an evening class; when he gets home, he has an erotic dream about her which consumes him until he sees her the following week.  Was it all an impossible illusion?  She agrees to go on a date - but will he persuade her to help him re-enact any of his obsession?  When he takes her home, Fran hears some news which may impact on her lifestyle; Alan suggests a solution which may suit both of them, despite her initial misgivings; such a solution could lead to a relationship bringing passionate, unbridled sex, and enabling them to realise the fantasy he dreamed.


     “This is amazing,” she smiled.  “It’s such a small world.  First, you knew Jenny, and now you remember Pam.  I wonder how many other friends of mine you know.  I’ll have to write a list and get you to check against which ones have entered your life too.”
     “It might be quicker if I were to write you a list of all the girls I’ve ever been with, if you’ve got a small Post-It note.”
     “Oh, come on, Alan.  I’m sure you’d need a couple of big sheets of paper.”  In a moment of carelessness, perhaps, she parted her knees and allowed me a glimpse up her skirt.  Between her thighs, I saw her white panties and imagined the same camel toe, or pussy-cleavage, that I had noticed when we first met that day on the beach.  The memory brought me an instant erection; I couldn’t help myself.  I began to fidget.
     She noticed.  “Are you all right, there?” she asked.  Then she realised I was looking between her legs and immediately closed her knees tight together.  “Oh, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to be a tease.  I don’t entertain men here very often, and I completely –”
     “Don’t worry about it,” I smiled shyly, putting my hand up to reassure her.  “It was very nice while the view lasted.”
     “I’ve made you go hard, haven’t I?”  She was embarrassed.  “Oh, Alan, I’m so sorry.”
     “There’s no need.  It’s made me look forward even more to our date tomorrow.  I’ll just have to make sure I fix your car first.”
     I finished my coffee and rose from my chair.
     “Thanks for the drink, Fran.  And I’ll see you at two tomorrow.”
     I left her apartment with a little more speed than I would have liked.  Perhaps I left her with the impression that I wanted to get home for a cold shower after seeing her accidental display.


     Whilst writing, I can tell you that I have another short work on the drawing board.  I hope to have it out early in May.  I don't want go into too much detail about it here, but it does have some bearing on real life... it's based on an experience that was related to me by an old friend.  It happened a long time ago, and I've had to bring the background up-to-date; I just don't have time to undertake historical research these days.  Even if the story had been set 20 years ago, the critics would be sharpening their pencils, hoping to catch me out on some obscure detail.  That's why I like writing contemporary erotica.  
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