Saturday, 4 January 2014

In Small, Intimate Rooms - an erotic short story

Hello again - and a Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve just published my latest short story - In Small, Intimate Rooms - and I do hope you enjoy it.  Here’s a quick synopsis:

On a vacation in a remote area of Thailand, John meets an East European prostitute; she tells him of her unfortunate plight, and he feels sorry for her; he returns to her village the next day to find she has disappeared with a Danish guy.   Although John meets her again briefly on a business trip in Copenhagen the following year, he wonders if they will ever see each other again and rekindle the passion he had with her in her tiny room during their first encounter... 

Adults Only.  Warning: this story is for over-18s only and contain elements which some people may find offensive. If you aren't interested in golden showers or watersports, or aren't curious about the fetish, don't buy or read this book.


Before I had a chance to turn round, thank her and depart, she moved behind me and shut the door. She pulled up her skirt, revealing black stockings and garters; like the other girls I’d seen earlier, she had no underwear. “You do want to fuck me, don’t you?” she asked. “It’s cheap for you. Special offer. And you can come back for more tomorrow.”
I was tempted. But I’d heard a lot from other guys who’d got themselves all kinds of nasty diseases from these girls and I wasn’t prepared to risk my health.
She saw my hesitation. “So you don’t want to fuck, then? There are other things we can do. You want to come between my legs, maybe?”
“All right,” I said, and pulled my pants down to my knees.
“Why not take them right off? You want to pee, but can’t. But I want to pee. Then after you’ve come, you can pee too.”
She stood with her legs astride the toilet bowl, and beckoned me to come forward.
“Hold me tight.”
I obeyed, and felt her jump forward, her thighs wrapped round mine; her cheek rubbed against mine, and I smelt cheap perfume. Her heels pushed against the back of my knees; I took the entire weight of her body.
“Hold me still. I’m going to pee now.”


I’m busy writing a sequel to A Poor Nun’s Endowment and I hope to have that out soon.  Mary returns to the priory, where all hell has broken loose, and...  No, I mustn’t write any more here and spoil your enjoyment.

Keep smiling!
My best wishes to you for 2014,


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