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The Poor Nuns series

Right now I'm putting the final revisions to my latest work, The Master of Glastonbury, which is a story associated with The Poor Nuns series.  It occurred to me that I ought to write something here to clarify a couple of points, just in case there's any confusion about the order you should read the books, since I have not written them in a strict sequence.

Quite honestly, these stories can be read in any order.  In fact, when I began the first one (Dating a Dickgirl), set a few years in the future, I wasn't sure whether it would be popular enough to justify creating a series; I alluded to a family legend in that story and, when I realised a chain of books in this theme (futa, or woman with a penis - coupled with a bunch of horny nuns) would "have wheels", I wrote a story round the family legend (Dickgirl in the Dungeon); it turned out that the legend was based on a fairy story set a century earlier, so I wrote that (A Poor Nun's Endowment).  I guess that means we're talking here about writing a prequel to a prequel.

But that's where we stop going backwards.  Now all the stories will be moving forward, a step at a time.  If you haven't read any of these yet, you might derive the most pleasure from them if you read them in the following order.  But it's not compulsory!

1.  A Poor Nun's Endowment (narrated by the nun, Dame Anna, with the prologue and epilogue by Michael, her pupil)
2.  The Poor Nuns in Revolt (narrated by Michael)
3.  The Master of Glastonbury (narrated by Michael) - to be published soon.
4.  Return of the Poor Nuns (narrated by Agnes, Anna's daughter, with the prologue and epilogue by Abbot Michael) - I'm just about to start the first draft.
5.  [another story to come which will cover Agnes' sexual relationship with someone - no working title yet].
6.  Dickgirl in the Dungeon (Abbot Michael's solution to a family succession problem)
7.  Dating a Dickgirl (set far in the future - with an idea sparked off from an old family tradition about Abbot Michael, a distant ancestor)

I must tell you that The Master of Glastonbury is longer than the others in this series - almost twice as long - which has held up the schedule for writing my other stories.  I hadn't planned this - I have to blame my Muse for coming up with extra ideas as I've been busy at the laptop.
  Finally, I would mention here that I'm considering rewriting Dickgirl in the Dungeon.  The words will all be the same but (to paraphrase an old gag from Morecambe and Wise) not necessarily in the same order as the old version.  I believe I put too many flashbacks into the narrative, which might confuse the reader - so I may put everything back in a linear fashion, starting at the beginning and finishing the story at the end.  If any reader out there has a comment to make about this idea, I'd be very pleased to hear from you.

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