Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Return to the Poor Nuns

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Return to the Poor Nuns  has just been published - it's the third in the "Medieval Dickgirl" series, following on from A Poor Nun's Endowment and The Poor Nuns in Revolt.  I do hope you enjoy it.

Here's an outline:

Seeking sanctuary for her daughter Agnes, Dame Anna presents her to Prior Michael at the abbey and, whilst there, Agnes writes more to the tale of Mary and the Poor Nuns started by Anna and continued by Michael.  In Agnes' contribution to the tale, the evil Benedicta pleads with Mary to help her return to the Poor Nuns.  Unsure whether she is truly contrite after her imprisonment by the bishop's chancellor, Mary advises the prioress to keep her in a secure environment... just in case.  Can Benedicta be trusted?  There is a new priest overseeing the spiritual welfare of the nuns and, still having to come to terms with his vow of chastity, he has his own agenda.  And some of the nuns still crave some moments of lust with Mary's unique endowment.  How can she resolve the situation before her husband comes to take her home?


          Clare grinned sheepishly. “Shall we go for a walk together? The room where Benedicta had you confined has been repainted; it is of course the cell where she will stay when she is appointed Anchoress, and is quite private. Would you like me to show it to you? We won’t be disturbed.” 
          “Yes. I’d like that.”
           They left her chamber and walked together into the cloisters, through an isolated doorway that led to a flight of steps; at the top was the door to the private room that would be home to Benedicta once she was readmitted to the community. It had been home to Mary when she had first arrived here, a sanctuary where Benedicta had her shut away from the world so that she could  indulge her own passions with her, unseen by anyone else. Clare unlocked the door and invited Mary to enter; the place smelt so much fresher now, and a new bed had been placed in the corner. 
           Clare pulled off her habit over her head and, standing naked in front of Mary, she took her hand and drew her silently across the room; with her back to the wall, she reached forward and put her hand up Mary’s gown to feel for the thing she craved to have inside her.


I hope to have Waterlines 17 published very soon.  Then I'll be busy with a couple of romance titles (one contemporary, one Regency) that I have in the back of my mind which will be going out under my alter-ago, Rachel Cray.  In the meantime, I'll be hoping that my Muse will deliver some more erotic stories for me to tell in the C.P. Waterman franchise.

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