Friday, 26 September 2014


Yes, I'm feeling seriously frustrated... but not sexually frustrated. 

First, I had hoped to have my latest story out by now but I'm giving it a wholesale revision and it looks like it may come out as two separate books - maybe a trilogy.  When I first started writing it, I'd inserted a series of flashbacks to some earlier situations to help explain the story.  When I discussed this with my editor, we decided that I should abandon that idea and rewrite the story from the beginning and follow it through on a standard time-line.  It's like throwing a book in the fire and starting all over again.  But I know it was the right decision - even though it's going to delay publication of the finished works.

Second, I entertained some of my in-laws a couple months back.  They created such havoc in my mind while they were guests in our house that my Muse upped and fled.  When I finally persuaded our house-guests they should be thinking about returning home - their cat would be missing them - they finally took the hint.  But it took several days before Muse returned and I started writing again.  THEN - at the instigation of my erstwhile house-guests - another bunch of relations decided to invite themselves round, as they'd heard I'd given the first group such a great time while they were here.  Needless to say, Muse went up to the roof and stayed there.   My husband and I now have the house to ourselves once more, and I am gradually trying to coax Muse back down again with bars of chocolate.

But all is not doom and gloom.  During one of her brief visits recently, Muse left me with the scenario for another story in the Medieval Nuns' series - but I still have to do a great deal of plotting before I can start writing.  Of all the stories I've written recently (the last three years, say) I think I've enjoyed writing about the Nuns more than any other characters.  And the stories are more popular with my regular readership than I could have dreamed when I wrote the opening chapters of the first one.  Just when I thought the latest one I'd written was going to be the last....

That's all for now... watch out for my next title when it hits the shelves!

Best to you all,

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