Saturday, 30 June 2012

Waterlines 8 is now ready....

Waterlines 8 was published on Kindle yesterday - I didn't prepare a blog until it was up with Smashwords too.  Stories are in preparation for Waterlines 9, although their publication may be delayed because of time constraints with publishing schedules for other genres in which I write.

I hope you enjoy these stories.  Here are some details and - as usual - I have to provide the usual warning: these two stories are for over-18s only and contain elements which some people may find offensive. If you aren't interested in watersports, golden showers, or oral sex - or aren't remotely curious - then please don't buy or read this book.

Behind the Castle Wall  (3940 words)
James and Martha meet unexpectedly whilst visiting a ruined castle and finding themselves attending to a call of nature together.  They find they have a mutual interest, apart from history, and later that afternoon find sexual and fetish fulfilment in the woods, away from the rest of their coach party. Sadly, Martha has to fly back home and they probably won't meet again. Ever.  Will this glorious day out they've enjoyed together have led to nothing?

The Girl in the Room Next Door (6375 words)
Sequel to "A Sexy Young Widow" in Waterlines 5. Colin is back in Fiona's home once more; his pal Leslie wants to move out of her lodgings, and he asks Fiona, his landlady, to take her in. Colin soon has misgivings; while he enjoys sex games with her, he soon realises why Leslie can't keep a man.  How is he going to extricate himself from this relationship?



        After we left the pub, there was half a mile of open country before Leslie and I reached the main village where both Fiona and Pam had their houses.  We hadn’t been walking far when she turned to me and said, “I wish I’d had a pee while we were at the pub.  I can’t wait until I get home.”
        “Let’s turn back to the pub, then,” I suggested.
        “No.  There are a couple of bushes over there.  I can hop behind them and take a leak.  Nobody will see me.  Do you need to go?  We could go together.”
        I looked up and down the road; there was nobody around.  I followed her to a cluster of bushes and we walked along a pathway behind them.  She sat back on the ground, opened her legs and pulled up her skirt to give me a second, more generous, look at her stockings and ample thighs; she pulled her panties to one side to reveal her slit, and opened her pussy lips.  Then she raised herself about an inch off the ground.
        “Did you just come to watch, like a perv, or did you want to pee too?”
        I had been spellbound by the delicious sight of her stockings and her private parts; I froze.  When she spoke, I snapped out of the trance and unzipped my fly, pulling out my cock.  Sadly, it had a mind of its own and its growing erection had blocked off my ability to urinate.
        “Can’t you go?” she asked, noticing my dick’s excited condition.  “I can – just watch!”  And she forced herself to pee as far as she could – easily two yards.  It came out of her body thick and fast, but it was over in less than ten seconds.
        I wasn’t interested in her athleticism; I was mesmerised by her pink pussy and, as she was finishing, the last remnants of her pee stream dripped lazily down on the path.  I had my hand tight round my thick cock and was rubbing it slowly.
        “You dirty man!” she laughed.  “Here, let me help you.  Bring it here.”  She didn’t get up; I walked across to where she was still sitting.  My erection was pointing at her face; she took it and placed it in her mouth.


I think we've exhausted the possibilities of more thrills for Colin at his lodgings in Oxfordshire.  But I've left open the chance that he'll meet Fiona again....

On a different note, it's my birthday today - and thanks to those kind souls (especially at Goodreads) who sent me birthday greetings.


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