Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Waterlines 7 now on sale

Hi, Readers!

Waterlines 7 has just been published on Amazon Kindle.  The other editions - for Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. - will be out in a day or two.

Two more short stories.  Here's the blurb:
A Safe Place for the Night (5660 words)
Dining alone late in a restaurant, Tim witnesses an attempted robbery; he rescues Judy, sitting scared at the next table, and takes her home after the robbers give chase.  As they pass the hot night together on his bed, one thing leads to another and, although these total strangers may never bond, they connect for a brief few hours that Tim will remember forever.

Carol's List (4630 words) - a sequel to "Reunion Dinner" in Waterlines 5.
Carol and Jerry were lovers as students; five years later, they meet at a dinner party.  They feel an urge to pick up the strands of their relationship from where they left off and Carol drives them to her home when the party ends.  On the way, they have a traffic accident and are forced to continue on foot in the dark.  Carol has her own agenda; she has a list of things she wants to do, and now seems a good time to get started...
Here's a taster from A Safe Place for the Night - it's different from the one that appears in the page on the Kindle site.

     We stepped into the shower together, and clasped each other’s bodies.  “Let’s pee against each other,” I suggested.  “I just want to feel you emptying your bladder on my leg.”  I pushed my thigh against her open crotch; in this position my balls were rubbing her thigh and my dick rested against her.
     “I’m ready,” she whispered.  “Shall we start?”
     I smiled and nodded.  She blinked, and rested her head against my chest.  And then I felt her heavenly pee running against my thigh, over my knee and trickling down my shin.  It was my turn. 

     My cock was already excited by the feel of her warm waters running over my skin, but I had to avoid getting an erection.  I pressed hard and concentrated; it took half a minute before I could release my stream against her.
     She moved her face up to meet mine; we kissed as we both peed.  It seemed as if we were conducting some kind of symbolic ritual, signifying some bond between us.  This was a memory that will stay with me to eternity, I thought, regardless of whatever else happens.


I'm working on a sequel to A Safe Place which will probably appear in Waterlines 9.  Other work-in-progress includes a sequel to A Sexy Young Widow (in Waterlines 5) which I hope to include in Waterlines 8, and a longer story which is already nearly 10,000 words long and I may have to have it published separately.  Characters in stories are funny people; after I opened the story, I had a goal in mind but I gave the characters free rein to decide how they were going to reach my goal - and there was so much activity to describe in the storyline - and I didn't want to shorten or delete any of it - so it just ran and ran.  And I haven't finished it yet.  The problem here was that I had four people in the plot, and I normally only need two to write the story.  I don't want to make any more comment here, just in case I spoil it for you!

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