Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Some more backgrounds to other stories....

A few weeks ago I described events which gave me the inspiration to write some of the stories in the Waterlines series.  Here are a few more.

Waterlines 4

Locked In
When we'd been married about eight years, my husband took a new job and there was a girl who took rather a shine to him.  The attraction was all one-way (I'm pleased to say).  One day, a security guard had made an honest mistake and had locked them into the office at midday, thinking that everyone was out at lunch.  She sidled up to him and whispered "We're alone at last..."  Luckily my husband explained to her that he didn't reciprocate her feelings, and that was the end of that.
But the incident gave me the material for this one... where the guy is flattered and is quite happy to develop the relationship. 

Pleasure In The Park
I had one job in London, in the early years of my career, where we had a sex-crazed secretary in her forties in our office.  And there was one solitary man, poor soul.  He was her number one target... and this is a little make-believe of what might have happened when the rest of us weren't looking.  By the way, the story about the City of London Police and their silly pranks round St Paul's Cathedral at midnight is perfectly true... although they probably don't do it now.  Everyone carries a camera these days.

Waterlines 5

A Sexy Young Widow
After An Accommodating Landlady, in Waterlines 3, readers asked me to write a sequel.  What could I do?  Here's what happened next....

Reunion Dinner
Another story from an old army friend - an episode similar to this actually happened outside a regimental dinner one evening, in the garden of the officers' mess.  I thought it might be more appropriate to re-tell it in the more intimate atmosphere of a dinner party.

Waterlines 6

Until Stella Returns
As a result of another request from readers who read Locked In in Waterlines 4, here's what happened next...

Waterlines 8

Behind the Castle Wall
Living in England, I am truly blessed with the number of castles, stately homes and other historic buildings I can visit - from my home, I am within reach of four of them in less than an hour's country walk.  Needless to say, there are always plenty of tourists round to visit them.  And the toilets get crowded; some people get very impatient and they just have to go where they can....

The Girl in the Room Next Door
My story about the hapless lodger in Oxford (begun in Waterlines 3, with An Accommodating Landlady) just wouldn't stop.  He had to get back in with Stella again - but things didn't work out quite the way he expected.

That's enough for today.  But we haven't finished yet - there's plenty more to come!

Whilst writing here, did you know that I also write in the Erotic Romance genre under the name Rachel Cray?  You can visit my site at but the stories are quite different from those that I write as C.P. Waterman!


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