Saturday, 3 November 2012

Waterlines 11 is out!

Hello again!

I'm pleased to announce (finally!) the publication of Waterlines 11.  As usual, it contains two short stories with golden showers/watersports content, with a tiny bit of anal sex thrown in to introduce a little variety.
I do hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Here's the blurb:

The Price to be Paid

Julia is in line for promotion - replacing her boss Alexa, who's moving to Chicago.  But there are other candidates, too.  Alexa is given authority to select her successor and chooses an unusual routine.  Instead of interviewing each candidate, she wants to spend time with each candidate's partner.  Julia's man, Paul, gets the surprise of his life when he gets invited round to meet Alexa for a couple of hours of sex.
(5350 words)

Watersports with Wendy

Colin's old friend Fiona contacts him again to arrange a date with Wendy, another girl on her "watersports list".  After some doubts about her, and some initial disappointments when he finally meets Wendy, the future could look rosy for them.  But first, she's a newbie to golden showers and he's got to get her to enjoy the fetish.  And, in return, she shows him her special routine with her dining table.... 
(4650 words)


        I was thoroughly ashamed of myself as I drove home.  I forced myself to put the events of the whole sordid evening behind me.
        The following evening, when I arrived back from the office, Julia ran to the door and flung her arms round me.  “I’ve got it!  I’ve got the job!”
        “Well done, Julia.  Congratulations.  But there was never any doubt in my mind that you’d get it.”
        “Paul, it’s amazing that you have such confidence in me.  I was beginning to think that the post had gone to someone else.  But the crazy thing is... I didn’t have an interview for the opening.  I thought I’d get a two-hour grilling from Alexa.”
        No, Julia, I thought.  It was I who had the two-hour grilling with Alexa.  But that was something she’d never know about.  “That’s great!” I beamed.  “Now we have something to celebrate.”
        “Yes.  Don’t take your coat off.  We’re going out now.  It’s my treat.  And later, when we get to bed, I’ve got another treat waiting for you...” she grinned slyly.
        Next morning, I turned on my PC and went through my emails, and I noticed one from Alexa Walker.  What did she want? I wondered.  Surely she wasn’t expecting a repeat performance from me before she finally flew off to Chicago?


I must apologise to those readers who use Apple for any delay they experienced in getting hold of Waterlines 10 - I'd placed a link to a competitor in the Apple version which they didn't like.  It's removed now, and I'll be sure not to let this happen again.

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