Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Waterlines 12 has just been published.

Hello again!

The Amazon Kindle and Smashwords editions of Waterlines 12 have just been published.  I hope you enjoy reading the stories - this time I managed to squeeze a third story in, which is a departure from the usual two-story format.

Here's the blurb:

Warning: Adults only.  Do not read if you're not interested in golden showers.  Three short stories, total  10,140 words. 
Watch Me, Hold Me
Jim goes on a date with Tina, his sister's old schoolfriend.  He's dated her some years before; why should this date be any different from the first one?  Can she keep him any longer this time?  How long is their relationship likely to last?  And why? 
At the Bus Stop
When a guy takes his car to a garage for repairs, he finds a strange woman who engages his attention in a kinky, spontaneous manner. She makes no secret of wanting to see him again.  But he has other ideas.... 
More Fun at the Bank
Brian returns to Julia's branch of the bank, where Anna is now in charge.  Things are going to be different now: Anna has her own agenda, and Brian is uneasy.  How is he going to exticate himself from a relationship with her?  Can he get back with Julia somehow?

And here's an extract from More Fun at the Bank to whet your appetite:

     Julia continued.  “By the way, Brian, I’d better warn you.  Anna, the girl who was my assistant at the branch, has now been made manager in my place –”
     “I know,” I said.
     “- and she fancies you.  Don’t go down the basement with her.  She’ll steal you from me.”
     “You’re jealous!” I laughed.
     “Listen, Brian.  That girl is dangerous.  She has friends in high places at the bank.  She can pull strings and manipulate people.”
     “Then why has she only just been promoted to manager?  If she has that many powerful friends, why hasn’t she been put on the bank’s fast-track programme?”
     “Because her uncle has only just been appointed chairman of the bank.”
     My jaw dropped open.  There was nothing I could say.
     The following morning, just before I left home to go to work, my mobile phone rang.  I announced my name.
     “Hello, gorgeous,” Anna replied.  “When are you coming to the branch?  There are people here who want to see you.”
     “Anna!  Hi!  Congratulations on your promotion.  How’s the new job?”
     “All right, thanks.  Now when are you coming to see us?”
     “I was planning to come tomorrow, provided I can get to see some customers.”
     “I’ve got one customer lined up for you already.  Tell me what time you’re coming and I’ll fix the appointment for you.”
     “Great.  What’s the person’s name?”
     “Anna Robinson.”
     “Yes, Brian.  Me.  I want to see you.  Urgently.  Can you come today, maybe?  This afternoon?”
     “I’m not sure...”
     “If this were Julia, you’d drop everything to come.  I saw you with her in the branch basement, remember.  I know what you did together.  And you promised me some of the same.  Julia’s gone now, so there’s no excuse.”

I hope to have some more stories out in January.  In the meantime, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your support during 2012, and to wish you all a very happy new year.

Best wishes


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