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Dickgirl in the Dungeon - Medieval erotic fiction

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I have just had my latest title back from the editor, approved for publication, and it's available now on Amazon Kindle.  The Smashwords edition comes out tomorrow.  Called Dickgirl in the Dungeon, it's a 21,000-word medieval prequel to Dating a Dickgirl.  If you've read Dating a Dickgirl, you'll know that Ashley refers to a legend about an ancestor of hers... and this is the story that led to the legend.  I have to tell you that I really enjoyed writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it too.

Here's some general information:

England in the 1470s – a medieval prequel to "Dating a Dickgirl".  After young Lady Rosamund's two brothers die unexpectedly, the survival of the dynasty - and the ownership of the castle and estate - is put at risk. In order to perpetuate the family line, she is at the mercy of her uncle, the manipulative Abbot of Blackminster, who suggests a plan to hoodwink everyone into accepting Rosamund as Richard, her dead brother. She is forced to wear an artificial manhood under her codpiece, and marry an unsuspecting girl. The abbot makes careful arrangements to get her pregnant so that everyone thinks 'Richard' is the father.

Rosamund - thinking her family duty as 'Richard' is done, now that the next generation is secure - longs to live as a young woman again.  But it's not so simple. There's a civil war, and she's captured and held to ransom. Life is hell in her darkened cell: her keepers demand sexual gratification and when a wealthy French lesbian visits her, new possibilities open...

Can she ever return to a normal life again after this crazy turmoil?


Alison followed her new husband into the bedchamber; he climbed on to his side of the bed first, watching her servants undress her – as custom demanded for the first night – and present her nakedness to him.  He had taken off all his clothes, except his hose, and she noticed his proud erection poking forth from under his codpiece.  I may not have a pleasing countenance, she thought, but he is already excited by my body. 
She thought it strange when he appeared embarrassed that she had noticed; he covered the bedsheet over himself and fumbled underneath while he removed his hose.  Perhaps it is unseemly for him to reveal himself in front of my women, she considered.
When she climbed into bed beside him, under the sheet, he bid the women depart.  The door closed behind them and now he and she remained together in bed in darkness.
“I hope I might be able to offer you some pleasure, my dear wife,” he began.  “But, if I cannot at first, please be patient with me.  I have no experience in these matters.”
She had heard that Richard had been sickly for much of his life; the fact that they were both virgins gave her some comfort that they could take time to explore each other’s bodies together.  She kissed his cheek.  “We have a lifetime together, husband.  There is time enough for us to do everything necessary in the world.”
“I shall take you tonight, as is fitting.  But, after I have had you, I may retire to another bed; I do not sleep well in company.”
She was bewildered.  “Are we not to spend the whole night together?”
“No.  That may never be.  But I shall try my best to give you as many children as we need.  And, in case you are wondering, I keep no mistress... or any other lover.  I need to sleep alone every night.  That is the way I am.”
“Very well.”  She reached across and placed her hand on his shoulder to reassure him; it ventured down slowly over his chest and stomach. 
But, when her hand came within inches of his crotch, to touch his manhood, he gripped her wrist tight.  “Do not touch me there,” he snarled.  “Never touch me there.”
For the first time in many years, she felt terrified.
He must have detected her panic.  “Don’t be scared of me, wife.  We must have some rules.  I shall copulate with you nearly every night, except when it is not convenient to you.  But, afterwards, I shall withdraw from your bed and sleep elsewhere.  And you are never, ever, to touch me down there.”

There could be more Dickgirl stories on the horizon if the demand is there! 

Thank you all so much for your continued interest, support and suggestions.


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