Saturday, 17 August 2013

An Accommodating Landlady... and other erotic stories

Hello, Friends!

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first paperback, which is a collection of short stories previously published in various issues of the Waterlines series.  Together, they form the exploits of one of my characters - Colin Welby - who has to work for a short time in Oxford and takes lodgings with a Scottish landlady, Fiona.  The contents comprise:

An Accommodating Landlady
Colin is sent on a three-month assignment by his firm and lodges with Fiona, a lady whose husband works away from home. And, while husband's away, she reveals her unconventional sexual tastes, bringing new deviations to whet Colin's appetite... and making him wish he could stay longer. What could go wrong?

A Sexy Young Widow
Colin has to leave Fiona's house and goes to lodge with Pam, a lonely young widow, where he shares a number of sexual delights and a watersports fetish with his new landlady. Everything goes fine until a new lodger - a young woman - arrives. A changed atmosphere descends on the house, and Colin realises that his relationship with Pam can never be the same again. How can he extricate himself from this unhappy situation?

The Girl in the Room Next Door
Colin is back in the home of his previous landlady, Fiona; his pal Leslie wants to move out of her lodgings, and he asks Fiona if she can take her in. Colin soon has misgivings; while he enjoys sex games with Leslie, he soon realises why she can't keep a man. How is he going to extricate himself from this relationship?

A Special Offer
When Colin and Fiona meet again at an unlikely place - a men's toilet - she arranges to keep in touch with him, and to help him find a new girlfriend. Each of these girls have particular interests which coincide with Colin's own personal fetish. The first girl to whom she introduces him turns out to be quite bizarre... he's not sure that he wants to meet any more like her.

Watersports with WendyColin's old friend Fiona contacts him again to arrange a date with Wendy, another girl on her "watersports list". After some doubts about her, and some initial disappointments when they finally meet, the future could look rosy for them. But it turns out that she's a newbie to golden showers and he's got to get her to enjoy the fetish. And, in return, she shows him her special routine with her dining table....

The Coach Pot
Colin is at an auction and meets Leslie, his old flame from the days when he worked in Oxford. She's bidding for an antique bourdaloue; what's it for? When she shows him, he becomes sexually excited and they re-establish their "connection". Although he's tempted, he doesn't want a full-on relationship with her. How can he escape?

The book, An Accommodating Landlady, is priced at $7.95 and will be available from Amazon within the next two weeks.  Meantime, you can get it now from Createspace through this link:

I may make more stories available in paperback form if there is a demand.  Watch this space!

Finally, a heads-up on the next ebook to come from this stable:  it's the third and final story in the DickGirl series - and the working title is A Poor Nun's Endowment.  If you've already read DickGirl in the Dungeon, you may have already seized on a little clue I left there about this forthcoming fairy story.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support!

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