Wednesday, 6 November 2013

New series: Strangers for a Night. #1: Ben's Blind Date

Hello again!

If it seems a while since I had anything to report here, it's because I've been busy in my alter-ego as Rachel Cray, writing two more novellas.  And now we're back to announce the start of a new series of erotic stories which I've called Strangers for a Night.  Just to clarify things, it has a theme running through the entire sequence: sex with a stranger.  But there will be other elements included in the stories which have become my stock-in-trade in the Waterlines series.

The first book in the Strangers for a Night series is called Ben's Blind Date, and is being published by Amazon as I write this.  For the first three months of its life, it will be exclusive to Amazon; depending on demand, I may distribute it to Apple and Barnes & Noble after the contract with Amazon has run its course.

A link to the Amazon page is in the right-hand column.  Here's a description to whet your appetite:

Ben is invited to a blind date with the sister of his brother's girlfriend.  A last-minute change of plan results in Ben going out with another girl - Norma, a temporary hire from the office who is almost a stranger.  It turns out that Norma has a voracious sexual appetite, partially hidden under a cloak of low self-esteem, and she possesses a gift through which she can express her passion for the erotic.

Thinking that he may be able to bring her out of her shell, he takes her out that night to a rendezvous where she emerges from her chrysalis and asserts herself in an activity that she enjoys.  Neither of them have had a first date like this before.  But the success of the experiment backfires for Ben....


“I’ll let you into a little secret,” she said, turning towards me and handing me my mug of coffee.  “You’re only the second guy I’ve ever had over my threshold in this apartment.”
“I don’t mean to be personal, but haven’t you had many boyfriends?”
Her jolly persona evaporated, and was replaced by that of a sad, lonely soul.  “Several of them take one look at me and turn their back within ten seconds.  Those that stay... well, perhaps I try too hard.  One of them openly admitted that he couldn’t keep up with me in bed.  He found me too demanding.  When we were in the restaurant, in the alley, and then at the movies, I got all the signals that we might click together.
“But now I’ve laid all my cards on the table.  Not very ladylike, am I?  I can’t be coy.  I know what I want, and I know that it’s not often available.  So I seize it with both hands when it comes along.  Just like I’ve dragged you in here tonight.  I have to tell you that there are times when I get so desperate that I’m tempted to pay for sex.  But I haven’t gone down that route so far.”
I sipped the coffee; it was too hot to drink, so I put it on a side table.  “Norma, you are probably one of the most candid women I’ve ever met.  And I’m not put off by your... your size.”  A memory of my erotic dream flashed before me.  “In fact, I think it turns me on.”
She climbed on top of me on the armchair and rammed her tongue into my mouth.  She pulled her head back and smiled.  “You darling man.  That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”  Then she kissed me again.
I was a little uncomfortable, trapped beneath her, and attempted to adjust myself; the back of my hand accidentally brushed up her skirt and against her crotch; her panties were soaking wet.  I moved my head away, and looked up at her.
“You noticed I’m horny again.”  She grinned.
“Perhaps you ought to take them off.  You’ll feel better.”
“I think I ought to show you my bedroom.”  She climbed off and beckoned me to follow her.


That's all today.  Now to get on with #2 in this sex-with-strangers series; the working title is House Sitting, but this may change.  There's no telling what will happen if the characters seize control of the story and decide what they want to do...



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