Monday, 14 October 2013

"Deflowered" has now been renamed "His First Time" in the Amazon Kindle list.

Hello again!

I've never had to put up two notices on this blog on the same day - and I hope I won't have to again.

I'm told that Amazon are reviewing all erotic romance and erotic titles right now, and they took exception to the title, cover illustration, meta data and description of Deflowered.

So I've renamed the Amazon edition His First Time and given it a shiny new (less provocative) cover illustration.  But, apart from the title page, every word in the book is exactly the same as it was in Deflowered.  Amazon are only concerned with the material in the "shop window", so to speak, just so long as the content doesn't cover prohibited subjects... which I wouldn't write about anyway.  But if watersports and golden showers hit the prohibited list in the near future, I'm in trouble!

Deflowered in its original cover is still available from Barnes & Noble and from Smashwords - although I don't want readers to get confused and buy both Deflowered and His First Time, thinking they're two separate stories.  So I'm speaking with Smashwords tomorrow to see if I should change the title in their list.

And if you click on the link to Deflowered in the right hand margin on this page, and find yourself on the old Amazon order page, that's because Amazon haven't changed it yet.  They take anything up to a day to change things.

Best wishes

 P.S. - Here are the two covers for comparison:

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