Monday, 16 April 2012

Waterlines 2 has been published...

I'm pleased to announce the publication of Waterlines 2 today, with two erotic short stories containing elements in the watersports/golden showers sub-genre.  I realise that some people might find it distasteful, but I've corresponded on the Web with more than a thousand people over the years who enjoy watersports as part of their sex lives.

You can just click on either of the links in the right-hand column to download Waterlines or Waterlines 2 from Amazon Kindle.  They're only $2.99 each.  If you live in UK, delete the .com part of Amazon's URL and substitute

Here's a dip into one of the stories in Waterlines 2:


        The next day was even warmer.  Half an hour before I was due to break for lunch, Jazz came up to me and suggested we go for a walk in the woods again.  “Bring your sandwiches.  We can have a picnic.”
        Since leaving the office the previous evening, I had given little thought to the earlier walk in the woods.  My wife’s sex drive had tailed off recently and I had suppressed my urges.  And now Jazz had offered me an opportunity to indulge in mutual stimulation; it wasn’t proper sex, I reasoned, so what harm would it do?
        We walked through the woods, taking a different path from yesterday, and we came to a large clearing.  There, someone had placed about a dozen stones, standing in a circle, rather like a prehistoric temple; the stones were only about two feet high but the place felt quite magical.
        “Let’s go in the centre of the circle and have our picnic,” she smiled.
        We sat down together and ate our sandwiches.
        “This is almost like re-enacting a pagan ritual, having a midday feast here, isn’t it?”
        “I was thinking just the same thing,” I agreed.
        “Almost like a fertility rite.”
        “I think someone has had a similar idea already.”  I pointed to a used condom, discarded at the foot of one of the standing stones.
        “That’s making me... a bit horny,” she chuckled.  “Do you want to do some more of... you know, what we did yesterday?”
        I smiled and stayed silent.
        She giggled.  “You do, don’t you?  You just don’t want to admit it.”
        The atmosphere was subdued as we continued to eat; it was as if we both knew that we were about to have some kind of sex act together, and the stillness enabled us to get emotionally and mentally prepared.  I wondered if it presaged some kind of change in our relationship; as a married man, I had never had such intimacy with another woman.  The anticipation carried a thrill that I couldn’t describe.
        When we had finished eating, we stood in the middle of the stone circle; she moved close to me and put her hands round my waist.  “It’s too public here,” she whispered.  “Let’s go somewhere quiet where we won’t be disturbed.”
        She led us to a clump of trees, away from any footpath.
        “I want to run my fingers through the hairs on your balls again.  And you can touch me down there... like you did yesterday.”


Waterlines 3 is in preparation.  Warning: There's a strong possibility that an element of anal sex may be included in one of the stories.

I hope you enjoy Waterlines and Waterlines 2.  And I want all the feedback I can get - so please feel free to contact me at any time.  I am always seeking to improve on quality here....


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