Sunday, 15 April 2012

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog!
Today is April 15, 2012 - and I've only just created my presence on the Web.

My first couple of short stories are up on Amazon Kindle - Waterlines - and you can click here to see it.

I've just written the first draft of Waterlines2 and, as soon as my editor and proof-reader have had a chance to get their hands on it and do their business, it'll be up on the web for you to download.

And... in the meantime... I'll be making a start on Waterlines3.

So far, all the stories have contained an element of watersports (that's defined as "sexualized urination" in a recent board I read!).  Waterlines3 will have more watersports and... some anal sex.  I hope you enjoy it!
I need all the feedback I can get... don't be shy to write to me!


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  1. Interesting Blog, with some potential - am looking forward to updates. I also write erotica for Kindle and Nook. Don't have my own blog - yet. Anyway, hope you update soon, and I'll be checking out your stories.

    Rachel Lord