Monday, 23 April 2012

Waterlines 3 Published Today....

I published Waterlines 3 today - following the established format, it carries two short stories, both in the watersports sub-genre.  Please click on the link in the right hand margin for further details and to purchase (just $2.99).  As usual, I have to insert the caveat: if you don’t like this kind of writing, please don’t buy it and please don’t read it!  (Warning: one story contains a microscopic helping of anal sex).

I’ve already started the first story for Waterlines 4 - one of the main characters has been screaming at me for months to get her story written.  But the second story may take a little longer to get down; although the central character is fully-formed in my mind, my Muse won’t dictate the words to me.  Muse is more concerned to get another story completed in the other genre in which I write - erotic romance - which I began writing in January this year.  However, the stories for the Waterlines series have been tumbling out of my head so fast and demanded to be published as quickly as they could get past my proofreader and my editor, pushing their way in front of everything else I had lined up as work-in-progress.

Here’s a sneak preview of a portion of Away From Home, one of the stories in Waterlines 3. 
I should explain that Maureen is the boss of Danny, the hero, and:


Maureen flirted with everyone: with the men in her team, with her boss, with the suppliers that we worked with, and even with a select few of the staff at the departments that we visited.  It could be an embarrassment sometimes, but everyone took it in good heart.  She got away with it simply because she was good at her job, had professional contacts everywhere and was well-thought of, despite her eccentricity.  And, although she had just hit her 40th birthday, she was extremely good-looking; her blonde hair, bubbly voice and sparkling eyes gave her the confidence to brighten up any office that she entered.
When we were all busy in the office, our desks grouped round the room in a horseshoe shape, Maureen would suddenly look up and open up a general conversation on all kinds of topics, most of which were sexually-related.
“I wonder why a girl can’t pee when she has her boyfriend’s dick inside her.”
“Why is it O.K. to talk in public about men masturbating, but it’s taboo to talk about women doing it?  We all know that we do it, so what’s the big secret?”
“Wouldn’t it be useful if women could stand and pee like men into a urinal like they have in the men’s toilet?  Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long outside the ladies’.”
Needless to say, there were some team members who had answers.  One guy, a recent graduate, insisted that his girlfriend was able to urinate while they made love; it just took a bit of practice.  And one of the girls in the team insisted she had seen a urinal in a public toilet for women in Stockholm, and had seen a lady standing to use it, with her skirt hitched up.  Life in the office was never dull, but it took a bit of getting used to.
There was a joke circulating in the office that you didn’t want to be away from your desk whenever Maureen was there because you might miss another of her gems – and, if you were lucky, you might actually be in a position to provide an authoritative and entertaining contribution to the conversation.
It wasn’t long before Maureen approached me.  “We’re needed in Preston next week.  We’ll be away two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Are you O.K. with that?”


The original Waterlines was published on Amazon Kindle under an exclusive contract which expires on July 4 this year.  I plan to publish Waterlines 2 and Waterlines 3 very soon on Barnes & Noble Nook and on Apple iTunes.  Watch this space!  Also, I'm looking at the possibility of publishing the Waterlines series as audiobooks - my brother wants to provide the voice, but I'm not sure whether my American public will tolerate listening to erotic stories told in a British accent!

I hope you enjoy these stories.  Don’t forget - I need all your feedback!


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