Friday, 25 May 2012

Waterlines 6 is out!

Hello, readers!

I'm very pleased to announce that Amazon Kindle now has Waterlines 6.  It's also at Smashwords and I hope to have it available with Apple, Barnes & Noble et al very soon.
There are two stories: 
Until Stella Returns is a sequel to Locked In, which appeared in Waterlines 4.   Mike is having a frantic time, having lost two co-workers in his office.  Then Margaret, one of the girls that he lost, suddenly returns to ask for her job back.  She also brings with her opportunities for the sex games they used to enjoy.  But the love of his life, Stella, is due to return from Dubai in four months' time, and there won't be room in his life for both women.  What's he going to do about it?
In the second story, Such Stuff as Dreams, Harry is blest with a sympathetic, caring secretary.  When he loses his girlfriend, she offers him a form of consolation beyond the call of duty; it's a win-win situation as she can act out her erotic watersports dreams with him.  But there's an age difference between them, and she doesn't want a relationship.  Can they come to some kind of arrangement?  Here's a short taster:

        “Now for that hand-job,” she said as she turned to face me.
        I had my back to the street; she felt my stiff cock.  “I haven’t held one of these for a long time,” she grinned.  “It’s wet with my pee, isn’t it?”
        “Are you happy about this?” I asked, conscious of her intoxicated state.  I wouldn’t want to be in trouble for taking advantage of an intoxicated co-worker - least of all, my own secretary.
        “This isn’t going to work,” she said after she had rubbed me gently a couple of times.  “Hold me close, and stick your cock between my legs.”  She pulled up the front of her skirt, and I began to thrust my hips against her panties covering her crotch.  She matched my rhythm, and I called to mind the sight of her pee jet zapping out of her pussy a few moments earlier.
        Although Penny was shorter than me, her heels brought her head almost up to mine and, when I bent myself low to fit my dick between her thighs, our faces were touching; I was gasping into her ear, for I knew my orgasm was approaching.  The head of my dick felt that delicious, painful throb that warned me of the impending thrill.
        And it came, sooner than I expected.  I held Penny tight as it shot out at her and then trickled down her thighs.
        “Was that good?” she whispered.
        “No,” I answered.  “That was fucking wonderful.”
        “We’ll do it again on Saturday.  That’s something else you can look forward to.”


Now to fish around for some ideas to write a couple of stories for Waterlines 7....


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