Monday, 9 September 2013

A Poor Nun's Endowment - Author's Notes

Hello everyone!

My latest title is published today - A Poor Nun's Endowment. I've described it as an Erotic Dickgirl Fantasy but it has a medieval historical flavour. This is the third story in the dickgirl/futa/futinari theme and, unless I'm persuaded to write something else in this vein, it'll be the last. I have other stories - in other fetishes - that are lined up to be told!

Here's the storyline:

Mary is a country girl with a tomboy streak. When she reaches adulthood, and finds herself excluded from the company of the boys with whom she grew up, she rebels and her father consigns her to a convent. On the journey there, she is approached by an old crone and granted one wish; on an impulse, she makes a strange choice: she wants a penis, so she can be accepted in the young men's group. But fate consigns her to the priory, where Mary unwittingly falls under the spell of the evil Sister Benedicta, mistress of the novices; when Benedicta discovers Mary's anatomical transformation, she makes her her own private sex-pet and Mary finds herself installed as a hermitess, confined to a private cell... where only Benedicta can come and use her to fulfil her own sexual desires any time she wishes. Is there no escape?
A chance visit by a face from her lost past - and the simultaneous arrival of the Great Pestilence (The Black Death) - offer her the opportunity she needs. Will she grasp the moment with both hands? And what then, when the known world is turned upside down?


Mary sat on the end of her bed and allowed her tears to run freely. She heard a noise outside her door and realised the bar that confined her here was being raised; she assumed it was Sister Benedicta again and decided not to move; she would have to see the miserable state to which she had subjected her.
It wasn’t Benedicta. It was Clare and three other young nuns. “Dear Philomena, what has happened to you? Why are you so unhappy?”
She would tell them, she decided. To hell with the consequences. She tried to dry her eyes.
They sat on her bed next to her. “Come. You can tell us. We are your friends.”
“Close the door, and I’ll tell you. But this must remain private. Between the four of us here today.”
“All right,” Clare said.
“I have a secret. A terrible secret. Only Sister Benedicta knows of this, and she has been... taking advantage of it.”
“A secret?”
Mary stood up and turned to face them. She felt she was crossing a bridge; there could be no turning back now. What she showed them could not be forgotten. “Since I have arrived here, my body has changed. I am still a woman, just like all of you, but now I have... this....”
She pulled up the front of her habit; they gasped.
Clare was the first to speak. “I knew of a boy who had a fine voice and, before it broke, the monks had him castrated so that he would not lose the beautiful sound he created. Are you not really a boy like him?”
“When I first came here, most of you will have seen me naked when I was being prepared. The senior sisters would be sure to have noticed this when they undressed me.” She let the hem of her robe fall and she returned to her seat on the bed beside them.
“So how has Sister Benedicta been taking advantage of you?”
“How do you think?”
They gasped again. “Surely... surely not... that?”


Whilst writing, I have to tell you that I have a number of other projects planned for this site - it's all in my head, and the only problem is finding time to write everything down!

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