Friday, 14 August 2015

A Safe Place

...And now we come to the final title in today's trio of short stories relating to group sex activity: I've called it A Safe Place.  Jill’s boyfriend Larry is a nasty control freak and she finally decides to split with him; she finds a run-down home where she feels safe.  But she is accosted by two guys running a protection racket and submits (half-willingly) to their demands.  When they persist, she runs away and - in a moment of panic - finds herself in an unlikely sanctuary.  But that’s only the first half of the story....

Here's a short extract:

My supervisor gave me permission to leave the office early so that I could collect my things and move out that evening.  Impatient to get the dingy apartment erased from my memory, I went round to the place for the last time to pick up those belongings that I’d taken there with me.  I’d take them to Suzy’s home and get myself settled there.
I swept quickly through my bleak home and collected everything I needed into two bags.  With the bags in one hand, I stood at the door and turned the key to lock it forever.
“Hello, lady.  Are you going somewhere?”
I looked round.  Frank was standing three feet behind me.  And Ted was approaching.
“I...  I’m leaving.  I’ve found somewhere else.”
“But there’s an early termination premium.  You’ll need to pay us that.”
“I’ll send it to you,” I said nervously.  “How much is it?”
“No.  You can’t.  Company policy is to collect the premium at the time of departure from the apartment.  You’ll have to pay it now.”
“Or if you don’t have the cash, we can collect it the same way as we did yesterday,” Ted added.  “You could unlock the door again, and let us in...  We wouldn’t keep you very long.”
I feeling of horror penetrated my whole being.  I couldn’t go through a repetition of that humiliation.  Besides, they promised it wouldn’t happen again. 
I panicked, dropped my bags, and ran.  I dare not turn round, but I heard them call out as they started to give pursuit.  I ran harder.
Still unfamiliar with the district, I went in the general direction of the town center.  People were staring at me as I raced past them; they must have noticed the terrified expression on my face.  I didn’t know where I was running; my only thought was to escape from those men.
I saw two or three women going into a gym.  I followed them, hoping to lose myself in their company.  I tripped and fell; when I picked myself up, I felt tears welling in my eyes and I tumbled through a door to the side of the reception area.
Helpless, I slid on the floor into a crumpled heap.  I felt a hot, sweating hand reach down and pull me up gently to my feet.  “You’re not in the right place.  This isn’t the ladies’ changing room.”

I'll be back again soon with some more stories just as soon as they're finished!

Best wishes

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