Thursday, 13 August 2015

Kindle Unlimited - An Experiment

Hello everyone!

I'm sure that most of you are aware of Kindle's launch of KU (Kindle Unlimited).  The whole operation has attracted mixed views from erotica writers.  I'm still sitting on the fence with this - but I've decided to put up a number of my titles in KU for three months, just to see how many new readers I can attract.  For readers who have signed up to this program, the works are on free loan.  The titles I have submitted are:

  • Waterlines 1-16 inclusive
  • In Small, Intimate Rooms
  • Caught in the Act!
  • Stranger
  • The Master of Glastonbury
  • Just for Tonight
  • Illusions

I have another announcement to make.  So far, I have concentrated all my efforts in producing stories related to watersports or golden showers under the Waterlines brand.  I've decided to branch out, and I'm in the process of producing stories in other genres.  Three stories are about to be published in the sub-genre popularly known as "Gang Bang" (I hate that expression - I prefer "Group Sexual Activity", but that's just me).  I hope to produce three new pages tomorrow to launch each of these new titles.




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