Thursday, 3 May 2012

Waterlines 4 is out!

Hello again!
The latest in the series of Waterlines - Waterlines 4 - is now available on Amazon Kindle, price $2.99 (or GBP or Euro equivalent).  Just click on the image on the right hand margin.
Here's a quick look at the sales blurb:

Locked In
Mike is sexually frustrated while his girlfriend is away on a long assignment in Dubai.  He harbours a secret - a secret little magazine - which provides the release he needs until his girl returns.  Then Margaret enters his life, and offers him everything that the pictures in the magazine contain.  Is she too good to be true?   

Pleasure in the Park
When Sue comes to work alongside Frank, she brings a new thrill to his sexual life.  While she is happy to indulge him in his very personal fetish, she has an insatiable appetite with private tastes of her own.  But she doesn't intend to stay around for too long.  How long will she be there for him to provide the intense excitement he craves - an excitement that he's unwilling to ask any other woman to provide?

And here's an extract from Locked In:

        About half an hour before we were due to finish work, I thought we’d just have time for me to show Margaret some confidential charts on the walls in the security room down the corridor.  The security room was always locked, and the charts were covered by drapes to hide their contents from the prying eyes of window cleaners and other people passing by, outside the building.
        Stupidly, I left the key in the door on the outside when we entered the room.  After twenty minutes, when we had finished discussing the charts, we turned to go back to our own office.  But the security room door was locked.  Someone must have seen the key in the door and had taken it away.
        “We’re locked in,” I said.  And there was no phone in the security room for us to call for help.
        “Alone... at last,” Margaret smiled.  “It would be a pity to waste the opportunity.”
        Before I could tell her to stop being crazy, she pulled off her top, and dropped her skirt.  She was wearing black lingerie and stockings; I took one look at the gorgeous curves on her ass and weakened.  “Quick!” I called.  “Come away from the window!”
        She pushed herself against me, leaning her head against my face.  I smelt her stunning scent again, and was mesmerised.  “Put your hands over me,” she whispered.  “Anywhere you want.”
        I clutched her waist, and kissed her soft shoulder.
        “If you go down on me, I’ll give you something you’ll never forget,” she said, grasping my hand and putting it over her pussy.  “I’m wet, and I want you.”

When writing Locked In, I became rather attached to the character of Margaret, and would love to see her back in another story at some stage in the distant future.  There has to be much more to her than I had space to convey this time.

Readers of the two stories in Waterlines 3 will remember the story of An Accommodating Landlady.  Colin is sent to work in Oxfordshire and lodges with a lady who provides some special sexual entertainment; the landlady has to leave suddenly and arranges for him to lodge with a neighbour.

Ever since I had that story published, the new landlady has been screaming at me to write a story about her - she appears to enjoy the same sexual proclivities as Colin's previous landlady, although the storyline isn't going to be just more of the same.  I haven't even put down the first word yet, but this character is so persistent in my mind - my muse has been waking me up at three in the morning to remind me that she's next on the list!  So I have earmarked the first story in Waterlines 5 for her.  Watch this space!

I've also written a single story - Sibling Rivals - which is available on Kindle at 99 cents, but is free of charge at Smashwords.  I have asked Amazon Kindle to reduce the price to "free", and am still waiting.  One reviewer considered the story wasn't quite complete; I struggled when writing the final paragraphs of this one, as the hero wanted to be rid of the two sisters but one of them was hoping for a sequel.  So I left the end of the story open-ended.  And I'm still thinking about her - and waiting for inspiration from Muse.  She may yet return....

Although I'm just starting Waterlines 5, I have an increasing backlog - in my other "incarnations" or pseudonyms, I have one erotic romance (30,000 words) still to complete, as well as two serious historical novels (each of 60,000 words) to revise  


C.P. Waterman

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